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Teaching Expert Certification - Upon successful achievement, Professionals will receive TEA Teaching Excellence Credits Certification

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Why TEA Credits Certification?

TEA's Teaching Expert Certification is a professional credit assessment program that recognizes and certifies Pre-Primary, Primary & Middle, Secondary & Senior secondary, Formal and Informal educators / teaching professionals committed to inspire the next generation of explorers, conservationists and changemakers.

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TEA Certification

Teaching Expert Certification is a competency-based, vendor-neutral teaching credits certification based on the TEA Standards for educators.

With TEA Certified

You would have gained rich self-assessing experience in your ongoing professional advancement and the credits to follow a learning model that best fits your career path.

Why TEA is Different?

Teaching expert certification with TEA allows you to take a self-introspection directed towards your expertise level on subject matters and your professional apprehension, thus making it a quintessential necessary for every teaching professional.

Recognised TEA Credit Certification

TEA Certified "TEACHING EXPERT" Certification Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Teaching Methodology Research & Leadership

Highlights of Getting Certified to Enhance your Career

TEA - TEACHING EXPERT Certification validates assessment rooted in teaching research and provides valuable credits for those seeking to upgrade their career to best potential.

Teaching Professionals Assessment and Certification in India - TEA Credits.

TEA's Teaching Expert certification – making sure that TEA Credits Certification are guaranteed passports to progression.

  • TEA Certifications differentiates you from other professionals in your field, showing that you have a dedicated commitment to understanding and excelling in your profession giving you an advantage in today’s competitive market.

Steps to Get Certified

A committee of international teachers, education reformers and assessment experts oversee the reform of TEA's Teaching Expert certification – making sure that TEA Credits Certification are guaranteed passports to progression.

TEA Credits

TEA Certification awards for Excellence in Teaching, Teaching methodology, Research & Leadership making you an on-demand professional.


Pre-Primary, Primary & Middle, Secondary & Senior secondary, Formal & Informal educators / Teaching professionals.


Comprehensive testing with upfront assessment provided by skilled faculty members with extensive experience in the field.


TEA Credits - TEACHING EXPERT Certificate dispatched through post and online verified e-certificate also provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can register for TEA Credits - TEACHING EXPERT Certification?

    Teachers handling Pre-Primary (Children between 3–6 years by Kindergarten, Playway or Play Schools), Primary (Students aged between 5-12 years) & Middle (Students aged between 12-14 years), Secondary ( Students aged between 14-16 years) & Senior secondary (Students aged between 16-18 years.) and Formal & Informal educators / Teaching professionals.

  • The questions cover diverse topics ranging from General teaching principles, Pedagogy, and Management strategies used for classroom instruction to conventional subjects including Science, Maths, English, and Social studies. The questionnaire follows an MCQ pattern with efficacy towards validated assessment.

  • To get registered click the get certified link, Read the Fees and Assessment guidelines properly and carefully select the category you are eligible for (Pre Primary / Primary / Middle / Secondary or Senior secondary) by clicking the REGISTER NOW button. Fill in all your necessary details and press submit to confirm registration for a TEA certification assessment.

  • On completion of the online assessment, your performance will be graded for evaluation. Upon clearing the basic criteria required for certification, E-certificate and Online verification will be made available on our site within a period of 7 days and the actual certificate will be dispatched through the post in a maximum of 10 days time depending on the country you're from.


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