Fees and Assessment guidelines:

TEA provides Four tier-based assessment categories. On carefully selecting which category you belong to, click the Register Now button, and fill in all the mandatory fields and press Submit. After finishing the registration process you will receive a Payment and Assessment guidelines e-mail which will contain all the necessary instruction to successfully complete the payment and proceed with the assessment process.

Now upon receiving the assessment login credentials, you can begin your TEA certification exam. Also, you can take the assessment exam at your own preferred time, and Incase of any setback during the payment process and to get your personalized assessment link, kindly mail us at getcertified@teacredits.org / SMS or Whatsapp: +91 86678 99424 for swift assistance.

Upon completing the online assessment, your performance will be graded for evaluation. If met the basic criteria required for certification, E-certificate and Online verification will be made available on our site within a period of 7 days and the actual certificate will be dispatched through the post in a maximum of 10 days time depending on the country you're from.

(In the event of not clearing the basic criteria, candidates will be reimbursed with full amount within 7 to 10 working days. Also, there is no any sort of constraints on the number of attempts for a TEA certification, so that you can come back any time for a new attempt.)

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  • Country: INDIA
  • Fees: 9000.00 INR
  • Indian Inaugural Concession Fees: 2700.00 INR (70% OFF)
  • (Limited Period only)

  • TEAIND01:
  • Teachers handling Pre-Primary (Children between 3–6 years by Kindergarten, Playway or Play Schools) REGISTER NOW with 70% Offer
  • TEAIND02:
  • Teachers handling Primary (Students aged between 5-12 years) & Middle (Students aged between 12-14 years) REGISTER NOW with 70% Offer
  • TEAIND03:
  • Teachers handling Secondary ( Students aged between 14-16 years) & Senior secondary (Students aged between 16-18 years.) REGISTER NOW with 70% Offer
  • TEAIND04:
  • Informal educators / Teaching professionals. various forms of alternative education, such as unschooling or homeschooling, autodidacticism (self-teaching), and youth work and etc., REGISTER NOW with 70% Offer